Collections Under COVID

Collections Under COVID

I was hoping to not have to write another of these posts, but as we are back in lockdown and I’m back to my first day working from home again- I thought I’d give a brief update of what I’m working on, and how things are going to work.

Once again I have my box of books, and I’ll be working my way through some more of the cataloguing backlog, so you can expect updates and profiles of some of the titles that I’m working on. It’s always great to have the chance to highlight some of the material that is coming into the collection.


I’ll also be indexing periodicals, which is an ongoing job, and hopefully finally having the time to undertake a full periodical audit, which will basically mean going through all the periodicals we receive on a regular basis and working out if we’re missing any. It does mean I get to talk to a few different historical societies, which is always interesting.

I’m also going to be writing more blog posts, beyond my COVID ones. I’m hoping to write about a new topic once a week, to bring you more content to explore. Next week’s post will be about Port Fairy, you can see the books I’ve collected for it below. I’m taking requests so if there is something you’d me to research and write about email me at Also if you’d like to write something for the blog, just let me know.


One change for me this time is that I’ll be onsite in the library on Wednesdays, with Steven. This will allow us to begin a shelf read (going through all the books and making sure they’re in the right spot) and to scan and send material you might need. It also enables me to work on some of the fiddlier books with the right resources and to help with catalogue maintenance.

I has been really nice the last 4 weeks seeing everyone back in the library, and the enthusiasm you’ve all shown in us being open again. Thanks to everyone who was so supportive yesterday in particular as we began to work out how we would operate whilst closed, and all of you who came in and stocked up on books- it was great to see you.

While it’s sad that we’re back in lockdown, we’ll keep in contact and hopefully welcome you all back into the library in the not too distant future.



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