Meet The Committee: Cr John Chandler

Meet The Committee: Cr John Chandler

As part of an ongoing series,  we will be introducing our committee members.  This month we have Cr John Chandler. Our longest serving committee member. 

John Chandler


John Chandler was first elected to Prahran Council and appointed as a committee member of the PMI in 1982 and continued to serve on the committee until 1996 (including one term as President).

John was subsequently re-elected to Stonnington Council in 1996, becoming Stonnington’s first Mayor, and continues to serve as a Stonnington Councillor.  He re-joined the PMI committee in 2006 and served as President from 2011 until 2016.

During this time as President John oversaw the inauguration of a new era for the PMI, being the sale of the High Street building and the purchase and subsequent refurbishment of our current home at St Edmonds Road, thereby (as John likes to say) increasing our relevance to the community, expanding and redefining the services we offer and redefining who we are.

In private life, John is an architect in private practice and is married to Suzy. They have two grown up children – Nicholas and Ursula, and one baby granddaughter – Coco.

Meet The Committee: Dr Michelle Negus Cleary

Meet The Committee: Dr Michelle Negus Cleary

As part of an ongoing series,  we will be introducing our committee members.  This month we have Dr Michelle Negus Cleary, archaeologist and the PMI’s newest committee member

Michelle Negus Cleary Mernda 2017

Dr Michelle Negus Cleary is an archaeologist and architect with more than fifteen years experience working with archaeological projects in Australia, Turkey, Uzbekistan and the Republic of Georgia. She has specialist expertise in ancient and historical archaeological survey and excavation, remote sensing, photogrammetry and spatial analyses, and the assessment and recording and management of heritage sites. Michelle has published more than 25 articles and book chapters on settlement archaeology in both ancient and historical contexts, landscape archaeological studies, and site-based archaeological excavations and investigations. She is a co-director of the Landscape in Archaeology in Georgia project, a research associate at the University of Melbourne and is a senior archaeologist and general manager at Dr Vincent Clark & Associates.

Michelle began coming to the PMI for their amazing Victoria History library for background research on heritage sites and became engaged with the PMI’s resources, aims and events. She volunteered as a member of the PMI board in 2018 and is a passionate supporter of the institute and library and its amazing team.


You can find out more about the research that Michelle has done at the PMI by reading her Plotting History post from 2018

Meet The Committee: PMI President Dr Judith Buckrich

Meet The Committee: PMI President Dr Judith Buckrich

As part of an ongoing series, each month we will be profiling one of our committee members. 

We are beginning with our esteemed president: Dr Judith Buckrich


me 2 18 3 2017

Dr Judith Buckrich was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1950 and emigrated to Melbourne, Australia with her parents in 1958. She has a BEd in Drama and Media Studies from Rusden College (1977) and a PhD from the University of Melbourne (1997). Since 1991 she has written 13 histories and biographies of Melbourne people and places. She won the 2016 Victorian Community History Award for The Village of Ripponlea and the 2018 Fellowship of Australian Writers (Victoria) Award for non-fiction for Acland Street: the Grand Lady of St Kilda.

Judith was international Chair of the PEN Women Writers’ Committee from 2003 to 2009 and President of the Melbourne PEN Centre from 1993 to 2005. In 2018 she was elected President of the PMI Victorian History Library, a role that enables her to ‘give back’ for the tremendous support she has received for her projects from the PMI during the last 15 years. The PMI is at present going through an immense upsurge of activity and Judith is keen to see the library broaden its horizons, and especially to support the staff and volunteers in their endeavours.

Judith is the author of:

(all Judith’s books can be found in the PMI Library. Just follow the links above)

Judith returned to Budapest in 1987 and was working for the English language Daily News during the 1989 velvet revolution. She had many articles published about the end of the cold war period in Eastern Europe in The Age Monthly Review, Quadrant and Directions. She returned to Australia at the end of 1989.

In 1995 she co-edited, with Lucy Sussex, the first anthology of Australian women’s science fiction, fantasy and magic realism, She’s Fantastical.

She has edited two collections of Australian poetry translated into Hungarian by Istvan Turczi.

Between 2003 and 2009 she edited the third and fourth volumes of Our Voice/Nuestra Voz/Notre Vois for the International PEN Women Writers’ Committee.

Since 1977, Judith has written works for the theatre, short stories, feature articles and essays and worked as an editor and translator. She has taught writing at Deakin University, the Victorian Writers’ Centre and Melbourne University Union and been an arts administrator. She has spoken about her work on television and radio and given talks at the National Gallery of Victoria, Royal Historical Society of Victoria and for many other organizations. She has curated exhibitions for the Royal Historical Society of Victoria and the Museum of the Port of Melbourne. She has several entries in Remembering Melbourne 1850-1960 and the Encyclopedia of Melbourne for which she was image researcher.